Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off Beat - 1...

Contained here within is transcribed the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of me and a friend.

I don't write poetry. Is Freefrom poetry? I don't write free form, but I do write stream of consciousness. Graduation is crap. Pomp & Circumstance. What is to stop us from doing the amazing. All of our friends have strange tastes in music. No stars out tonight, but plenty of bugs. Maybe a couple stars. Harvest moon. Brown moon. Human exploration of the stars. Nothing amazing since the seventies. If something causes physical pain, then you can hate it. I'm writing down our conversation. Awesome.

Weird cool poem. Cool. Yeah... Girls are horrible(?). There is no pleasing a girl when it comes to her weight. If they ask you answers, yes of no questions. Relationships suck. Relationships: Difficult to start, difficult to end. Richard has a big bed. Scott is too fried. Mosquito bitches bite. The End in the Beginning. Work sucks, make music. My brain is numb. On my own. Dryer sheets. One day it will end... eventually.

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