Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Witch...

Something has been plaguing me lately. Something far darker than what I've dealt with prior to this time. No, that's a lie. I've faced this monster, and struck it dead. Seeing it here again raises some questions as to my thoroughness. This is, of course, is bad for my image. All of it is. It's very existence nags at my being, tearing away pieces of my sol, strand by bloody strand. I've stretched my resources far too thin this time. Reconsolidation, anyone? Far scarier a word than I could have imagined.

Am I jealous? No. Maybe. I'm not sure. I have nothing to be jealous of. No one, no one to be jealous of. There is no one else, and yet, I feel lost, and unsought. Loneliness does not being to describe. That sounds far too dark. No, I refuse to say that I'm sad, let alone depressed. Such a horrible word, that. No, I'm fine. One step at a time. It's just taking longer than expected to cope with this burden.

This Witch needs to be ridden from my shoulders. It's far too much to deal with at this time, now that it's already at it's limit. I'm not sure what I can do now.

Call in all the generals. We'll have a battle plan before the setting of the sun.