Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Villian...

"I'll take your love, I'll take your hate, I'll take your desire. I'll take your heart, I'll take your pain. I'll take the world when it turns on you. I'll set it on fire. I'll bring you to life..."

"You'd be willing to destroy the world for love, yes? No? Hmm, that's a very surprising answer, to be honest.", the man before me paused to pour some tea into a small, very antique looking cup, which he carefully offer to me. There was a cautious nature about the man, no doubt a side-effect of his past occupation.

"I could tell by your hesitation and then sudden expression of discomfort at the question. Most who interject logic in the question always give the same answer. It's one that should be answered on pure emotion. I was expecting more from you. You appear to me to be one of those 'do anything for love' sort of fellows. Am I wrong?", I hesitated.

"N-no... I mean, I-I'm not sure. I've never placed myself in that sort of situation. Not that I think I'd-"

"-Ever find youself deciding between the fate of the world and the one you love?"

He sat down with the waning light falling onto his shoulders, which gave him a sort of gentle nature to him. 'Gentle' of course, wouldn't, no couldn't be used to describe this man. He is perhaps one of the most hated men in all of history, and here I was interviewing him.

"I was more surprised by the question, than anything, I believe."

"Is that so? Oh, so you must be one that thinks that a man such as myself must be incapable of love, that so much hatred and corruption must have been generated from the hatred and corruption that has filled my past, yes?" he said, his voice in a slow crescendo, "I hate to disappoint you, dear fellow, but I was not always such a despised man. I, in fact, could once be considered to be in love."