Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Check Your Ego...

It's not so much love, as complete and total infatuation. It's rather sad really. Sad in the sense that it's an almost inescapable infatuation. Inescapable in the sense that there's no point to. It's infested my life for the better part of 16 years. Why stop now, it has to end soon, right? Don't I wish. Granted I don't think I'm in one of those searing pains that occur when the world just seems to be coming down around your head. No, things are quite fine, actually. I have a job, which isn't currently in the most stable of situations, but it's there nonetheless. I have a car that drives, and again, it's not the most stable of cars, but it's there nonetheless. I also have the potential of going back to school, and then on to a full time University, but not yet completely secured. Dare I say that it's a pivotal time in my life, one that I could easily screw up. Dare I chance it on someone who pays no attention to me? No.

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