Monday, October 12, 2009

Infinite Eights (Part 1)...

"I live in the shadow of a lie, one I try dearly to keep to myself, and fail to. 'Amor' echoes from the mere and falls deaf upon a lone vestige. A spire to your beauty, tall and partially overcome by the vines of your past. You reign supreme. A lone dove in that cage which keeps you from me and protects from the horrors of this world.

Awaken in this sea of sorrow and blood, I thrash in my helplessness, not a soul be saved. Served a hearkened goodbye, you turn and cast your eye upon another. Love's lessened not, and I drown in my woes.

You were beautiful, but you are ugly. I didn't know it then, and I'm still not entirely sure now. You were always so good at covering that up. The bit of blood in every drop of ecstasy that flowed from your mouth. They say that ignorance is bliss. Not so, when you are filled with the doubt that comes with it. You were a vicious vixen, brooding and beautiful. Truly, a poisonous flower; too deadly to touch, too gorgeous not to. I came away with my life, but you have left your scars. No longer will I be the same because of it. I am paralyzed from the love that the bleeding hearts drown in. It is my wound, not my only, and not my last. I guess I can thank you for this. Maybe caution is what I needed, and you have delivered in spades.

This is it. It's the wonderful end. No more love, hate, and broken bodies. I ends on the seams of new twilight. The sun has gone, and now a new light will come to char the world, painting the sky over our heads in crimson twilight. This ethereal event will be just the beginning..."

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