Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unshakable Doubt...

It's been a long time. I've not had too many reasons to return, hence my absence. It's been neutral and monotonous, these past few months. Nothing to speak of cause nothing has happened. Needless to say that something has happened, thus my return.

Nothing tragic, nothing grand. Nothing lost, nothing gained. Yet.

I feel uneasy writing this, simply due to the fact that I know I'm blowing it wildly out of proportion. It's impossible to care for someone so much, so soon. Of course, this exact thought led me to something much deeper. Is it better to care for someone to quickly, or to not care at all? The answer might appear obvious, but lets look at it a little deeper:

If someone does something nice for you, without any reason as to why, what is often the first thought that enters your mind? For me, it's that there's something else behind it. Whether it's that they want something, or it's part of some larger plot... Then again, I am the paranoid one.

Let us find out what others think.

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