Saturday, September 5, 2009

This is Not a Blog...

This is a diary (pervert). This is a stream of consciousness ending in 8 on the side (ie. never). What it is, by definition, is what I choose to make it (oh the beauty of not having constraints). That side note reminded me of a teacher I use to have Freshman year of HS. She had us students (of which I was the only male...not as cool as it sounds) write whatever we wanted to. Didn't matter as long as we were writing. In a sense, she was correct. Writing absolute crap is much better then not writing anything at all, and as a direct side effect, some truly great stuff came out of it. Here lies the continuation of that idea. But like all good works of art (I'll let you be the judge), writing is defined by the viewer. I'm here to write. What comes out is largely based on what you see, I would guess. I'm sure some will think this nothing but rubbish, but who am I to say that they are wrong. At least, though, I am writing, creating, and doing something, and not telling others what they aren't doing based on my judgments. It's up to each individual to decide.

To answer the question your asking right now: Writers Block. I have the basis for several ideas on projects I want to pursue, but have yet to figure out how I should go about them. So, I plan on just laying them out here, dissecting, re-dissecting, and generally massacring them to itsy-bitsy pieces for all to enjoy...but more about that later. For now, I'll just let you wonder about all the joys on the way. I'll let this pot stew for a bit, and come back when you're ready.

For the joy of doing, and not the obligation.

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